Workshops Attended

Steve Courtney, K9Pro : "Training in Drive"

Tammy Peters, Precise K9: "Advanced Obedience"

Ryan Tate, Tate Animals : "Scent Discrimination"

NoseWorks:  "Scent Discrimination"

Meagan Karnes, The Collared Scholar: "Reactivity Bootcamp"

Ken McCort: Thee day workshop held at Wolf Park, Battleground, IN, USA, July 26th-28th 2019:

"Under The Hood"; "Mammalian Neurological Systems"

Suzanne Clothier: Two day workshop held in Chicago, IL, USA, August 3rd and 4th 2019;

"From Confused to Connected: Finding the Paths to Better Dog/Human Relationships"

"Thresholds, Transitions, Triggers: Negotiating the Icebergs of Training"

Dr. Tim Lewis, PhD

(Both are two day workshops on-line)

"Biology of Dogs: From Gonads Through Guts To Ganglia"

"Biology of Aggression"


Dr. Melanie Uhde: The Neurobiology of Stress

Dr. Melanie Uhde: The Neurobiology of Aggression