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We've come a long way in a very short time, still a long way to go, but these guys are kicking goals every single day.

...and the breakthroughs keep on coming...

June 20th 2019

Photo, bottom right, September 15th 2019, we did a catch-up session at Riverway, and this team knocked it out if the park. :)

Trigger after trigger, then more triggers, and Duke kept his calm and we did not have one single melt down, not even close.

Goes to show what can be achieved when you have the right type of training, a dedicated, committed owner who was not afraid of stepping up - and out of her comfort zone. :)

And notice the lack of all those tools and leashes. :)

I am pleased to say we ditched all of those leashes and tools during our very first session, and you can see where this team is at now by going to the Group Classes Page.



Duke is a 10 months old, male Black Labrador/Mastiff X.

He is reactive to dogs and pushbikes in particular and has very poor foundation obedience, but he has finally found his "forever home" and I'll be working with him and his very dedicated owner during the next couple of months to help him become a good canine citizen.

The owner started with an "alternative type", who told her that Duke needed to be medicated.

Luckily the owner did not agree - terminated the trainer, and she ended up with me. :)

Pictured below is all the equipment he wore, all at the same time, each time they went for a walk.

May 3rd 2019

Proud trainer moment :)

Massive breakthrough during today's session. :)

June 13th 2019


This boy has some issues; he is a young, male Border Collie/German Shepherd X, and with those genetics, well, let's say he's got a bit of drive.

He's seriously reactive towards dogs, skateboards, and of all things; buses !

And then it's the herding drive; he tried to round up a delivery truck - in the street outside his home!

This is going to be one interesting journey.

This is not the finished product though, going to take a bit more time before he is "bomb proof", but today we had the biggest win to date! :)

Finished the session with a long flirt pole work out back at his home - and that, right there, is one of the reasons we are seeing these breakthroughs; we need to acknowledge and honour his genetics by giving him, and dogs like him, an outlet for the prey drive in a controlled and safe environment.

June 24th 2019

Another milestone for Bastian.

The "bus reactivity" has been well and truly "fixed", so time to concentrate on the smaller issues such as some dog reactivity, skateboards, scooters and such.

So here we are, at the Townsville beach front, The Strand, for the very first time. And he handled it like a boss. :)

Next will be increasing the challenges, but it's looking good. :)

August 14th 2019

When I first started working with Bastian, he was seriously reactive when it came to buses - in fact, the trigger distance proved to be in excess of 100 metres!

Today was the big day, I decided he was ready for some close encounters with buses, so we worked around two very busy bus stops outside Stockland Shopping Centre for around 30 - 40 minutes.

Total number of buses encountered; lost count after 10. :)

There were stationary buses idling, there buses arriving and leaving, at one point we had three in one go.!

How did Bastian handle this, as well as all the other traffic?

Watch the video. :)

Bit of the stuff we did with Bastian at Riverway,

I am really pleased with his progress, his ability to self regulate is getting better and better - however, this is not a dog you can be complacent with, he will humiliate you when you least expect it - and he is lightning fast.... :)

This guy's reactivity is predominantly mis-directed herding drive, combined with prey drive which is off the charts. Not strange, considering his genetics.


I've been working with this lovely, 15 months old, entire male Rottweiler for a couple of weeks; improving his on leash behaviour, self control and lots more.

And yes, this is the second young, male Rottweiler I have worked with during the last couple of months with that name. :)

May 18th 2019