Gallery 2


I was called in to evaluate this lovely boy after he had been attacked by another dog, as the owners were concerned he might have become "reactive" towards other dogs.

I ended up working with them for three weeks, focusing on foundation obedience and scent discrimination work, which did wonders for both him and his humans. Another great success story. :)

Wherever I go I tend to meet a lovely dog like this female Leonberger in Norway in July 2018.

Never met her before, but we hit it off from the word go. :)

My old mentor

Zelic with my old friend and mentor, Jørgen, dog behaviourist and trainer extraordinaire.

So glad I met him back in the 80's when I needed help with a Rottweiler. His experience and knowledge of all things dog is second to none.

Always great to catch up with him and his lovely wife Kirsten - true dog people.

Some people might remember him from his training business; Dog Obedience Guidance School (D.O.G.S.) :)


Luna is a 15 months old, female Bull Arab X.

She is super friendly, but her greetings can be a little bit too enthusiastic - as getting jumped on by such a large dog can be very intimidating and she may inadvertently hurt someone.

So for the next 5 weeks we will be working on her impulse control, sharpening her foundation obedience and improving her on-leash manners.

January 31st 2019.

Our training schedule was interrupted by a severe weather event, here we are again, three weeks later - and making very good progress.

Finished 5 weeks of training with this lovely girl, very pleased with the progress we made, she is now more able to control her emotional states, her leash etiquette has gone from poor to very good, and she is much more confident overall. :) 

Will be working with this lovely, 9 months old, male, AmStaff X for the next 5 weeks.

We need to improve his foundation obedience and on-leash behaviour as well as teaching him impulse control. 

And of course, we can't forget his humans, so we'll be teaching them how to "speak dog" to improve the communication between the two species.



I feel privileged to have given the opportunity to help a first time dog owners with their 16 weeks old, male Golden Retriever.

Raising a pup is hard work, especially for someone who has never done this before. So, for the next 10 weeks, we'll be working together to ensure a bright future for this lovely boy and his humans. :)

There are so much more to this story which involved some serious behaviour issues caused by a number of factors which I am not at liberty to divulge in a public space like this, let's just say there is a reason dog trainers call this breed "Golden Deceivers".

March 3rd 2019

They've come a very long way during the last few months, below pictured with my own dog Zelic. You'll find lots of videos from Buddy's training on my Facebook page.

October 18th 2019


Amazing to think this little fella's going to end up the size of his mate on the right. :)  I get to train dogs of all kinds and sizes, from the 8 week old St Bernard above , to his big mate on the right. :)


We're teaching this 4 year old St Bernard to be a bit more polite and less pushy.


Happy to welcome this lovely, 9 months old, male Rottweiler to the NorAus Canine family. Lovely temperament, just needs to learn a bit of self control and we need to improve his foundation obedience.

Five weeks later and we have a well behaved young Rottweiler. :)